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It's gotta lotta natural goodness

Our Story

Our journey started in 2003, providing Houston with gourmet ice cream and yogurt-based desserts with all natural and seasonal ingredients.

We prepare vegetarian and vegan to be satisfying and full of bold flavors through a rotating menu based on the seasonality of ingredients. Natura Cafe brings plant-based, gluten-free, and dairy-free options across our menu.  It’s a great spot for a bite with friends, come visit!

Mantra of Savory Dishes

Inspired by our healthy life style of vegetarianism, veganism, and our mission of sustainable living.  Serving wholesome vegetarian cuisine with a modern, fusion twist. Our savory vegetarian protein wraps and bowl feature a bold union of flavors and freshness that will leave you savoring every bite. Our goal is to make our dishes healthy and nutritional based on the seasonality of the harvest.


Whether you're looking for a hot coffee, masala chai during high tea, or a fresh, seasonal fruit juice to cool down, you are sure to be pleased.

Ice cream

Try our all natural, no color added, real fruit ice cream, with vegan options!

What Our Customer Say

The Zunka Bhakri was delicious, especially since the Bhakri was freshly made! Would definitely recommend this place.

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